Fundraising Tips

Fundraising is a simple process using your online fundraising page.  Ask your family and friends to sponsor your walk/climb! Simply direct them to or you can direct them straight to your specific fundraising page which can be found when finding and clicking on your name in the “List of Participants” Here are some tips on making the most of your fundraising page:

Cash Donations

If your donor would prefer to donate to you with cash or a cheque instead of a credit card payment please note that we cannot supply a donation receipt until event day. Receipts can be arranged at the donations marque when you hand in the payments. Please keep record of who has donated what amounts if dealing in cash.

Personalise your Fundraising Page

Make sure you upload a photo and add a personal message to your fundraising page. Make your page attractive and engaging for your family and friends. Adding a photo puts a face to the cause and will entice people to donate to you.

Set a Fundraising Target

Set yourself an overall fundraising goal. This way you can track your efforts by keeping an eye on your overall tally. A fundraising goal will also allow you to see when you might need to do a bit more of a push for donations via email or your Facebook page.

Make your Eureka Climb Journey Personal

Why are you entering the Eureka Climb? Are you trying to get fit and this is your ultimate training test? Do you have a few extra kg’s to shift so your using Eureka Climb as your motivational goal? Or is running Eureka simply something to tick off your bucket list? Share your personal story and journey with your family and friends, often people will donate more money to an event/charity they feel they have a connection with.

Use your Social Media! Post & Tweet (#Eurekaclimb)!

Utilize your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Perhaps have a weekly update on your Facebook page letting people know how your training is going….if they can see you putting in the hard yards they are more likely to donate! Tell them when you hit a milestone with your training or fundraising.

”Today I climbed the 1000 Steps in the Dandenong’s in preparation for my first Eureka Climb challenge! As I’m climbing away, please consider supporting me and donating to the events Charity Partners, Interplast & Whitelion. Visit my personal fundraising page here”.

Utilize the social media icons located on the left hand side of your personal fundraising page.  You don’t have to log-in, just find yourself on the “Registered Participants” list and click on “View Profile” to get there.  These icons have been set up for you so you can share your pages easily with others.  Just click and follow the prompts.

Upload your photos to the Eureka Climb Facebook page and write regularly on our wall – let us know how your training is going! Maybe you have some tips you can share with fellow walkers/climbers!

Promote yourself – Don’t be shy!

Don’t be scared to let people know what you are doing! The Eureka Climb is a massive challenge and a massive achievement once finished! Tell your family and friends what you are doing! Maybe you could speak at the end of your next staff meeting? Or hold a family dinner to spread the word.

Write a Story for your Company Website or Newsletter

Lots of companies encourage staff to participate in charitable events and fundraising, so ask your company if they are willing to include something about you on the company website or the intranet or company newsletter. Some companies offer a donation-matching scheme, where they will match the amount of money an employee raises. How high can you raise the bar?

Put up an official Eureka Climb Poster

Print out our poster, place your details in the white box and stick the poster to the staff room fridge or pin board! Use the poster to ask people to visit your personal fundraising page and support you Download here.

Change your Email Signature

Consider changing your email signature to add a line at the bottom which includes the web address of your personal fundraising page. Include the Official Eureka Climb email signature available here.

Get Competitive with your Team-mates!

Start a competition within your team to see who can raise the most money. Perhaps you could fine your team members if they don’t turn up to your training sessions with all fines raised donated to your fundraising tally.

Copy and Paste the below text into an email to family, workmates & friends

On <INSERT DATE> I will be participating in Eureka Climb – which will see me climb 88 floors (that’s 1,642 stairs!) all the way to the top of Eureka Skydeck to help rebuild young lives. All of my fundraising goes directly to the events Charity Partners Interplast and Whitelion.
Please click here if you would like to donate to this amazing cause and help me to achieve my fundraising goals. (enter your personal fundraising URL which can be found via your dashboard)
Thank you for your support!

Send a Big Thank You!

Often people donate to charity runs etc… and don’t hear anything back from the recipient. Make sure you send a big thank you to the people who donate to you! You can send them an email by logging into your fundraising page, a list of your donors can be seen on the right hand side.