1310, 2017

10 benefits of stair climbing

Here are ten things you might not know about the wonders of stair climbing as a form of exercise (and ten reasons why you should register for Eureka Climb this year!)

You’ll burn more calories for every minute climbing stairs than you will jogging.
Stair climbing produces endorphins –  the feel good hormone. Now you […]

1309, 2017

Win a $150 2XU voucher every week for 6 weeks!

How would you like a chance to win a $150 2XU on-line voucher every week for 6 weeks?

How to win:

Simply show us how much you love Eureka Climb by posting to your Facebook or Instagram (or both), AND tagging @eurekaclimb and #eurekaclimb for your chance to share in our prize pool.

Posts should include relevant videos […]

409, 2017

Why events are great for fitness motivation

Lacking motivation to get fit for summer?

We’ve all been there, trying to convince ourselves that we’ll get fit for summer. Great idea! So you set the alarm and when it goes off, you simply can’t do it. So you try again the next day and same thing. Getting out of bed is just not happening. […]

109, 2017

Tower Running – it’s a thing!

Did you know that Tower Running is actually a thing? Yep, that’s right, people compete in tower races around the world and there’s even a couple of circuits – The “Tower Running World Cup” and the “World Federation of Great Towers – Tower Running Challenge.”

Eureka Climb is part of the latter which comprises of 13 annual […]

2808, 2017

Get your FREE commemorative re-usable Eureka Climb coffee cup!

How do you get your hands on our re-usable stylish, commemorative coffee cup? Seems re-usable cups are all the rage since War on Waste went to air so you should have one right?
How to get your FREE re-usable coffee cup and more:
All you need to do is qualify as a Super Supporter. Let me explain…

All […]

2607, 2017
  • Travelodge Southbank image

Travelodge Southbank accommodation deal

Thanks to our Official Accommodation Partner for 2017 Travelodge Southbank, you can stay in comfort right next door to Eureka Tower at a 15% discount. In addition to this hotel guests and non-guests can enjoy a full buffet breakfast for just $19^ per person. Bargain!

How to claim your 15% off accommodation
Travelodge Southbank is offering 15% off* […]

2710, 2016

Why do I cough after a stair climb?

Fact: Stair climbing for exercise is categorised as an intense activity. And what happens when you’re exercising intensely? You begin to breathe quite heavily and rapidly as your lungs try to meet your body’s increased demand for oxygen.

Think about it. How does your throat feel now as your sitting down relaxing and reading this? Quite lubricated? Plenty […]

2010, 2016

Win on Fridays with our Friday Fundraising Competition

Thanks to Red Rock Venues and Events we have some great vouchers to give away and who better to give them to than our fundraisers!
Here how it works:
We are rewarding the person that can raise the most money in a 24 hour period on the following dates with the following prizes.

You may have already started […]

1010, 2016

Great training spots for Eureka Climb

The best way to get physically ready for a stair climbing event such as Eureka Climb is to train on stairs. All the experts say that if you’re wanting to get fit for a specific goal, you should be training for it specifically – that is to train doing the “stuff” you will be doing […]

309, 2016

Amazing stairs from around the world

We love stairs. That’s why we get so pumped whenever November comes around and we get to climb 1642 stairs over 88 levels within Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

It’s also why we thought we’d put together a compilation of some of the most interesting and breathtaking stairs across the globe for you to see.  Below are some […]

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