Sunday 15 Nov 2015

Amount Raised so far:

$ 199,421.39

Fundraising Prizes and Incentives

Prizes will be awarded in a number of categories including the fastest individuals and teams, highest fundraising individuals and teams and best dressed individual and team (the crazier and more creative the better!).

$500 Club - Can you Raise enough to Run to the Roof?

As a fundraising incentive, individuals who raise over $500 and teams who raise over $2000 will be rewarded with a trip to the Eureka Tower Roof Top! There you will be able to take in the magnificent views of Melbourne and receive an official Eureka Tower Roof Top photo.

Be sure to get in early and start fundraising now - a prize like this does not come along often and is limited to a strict number of people.

2015 Eureka Climb Prizes:

In 2015 prizes will be awarded in the following areas:

Fastest Male Elite:                              

Fastest Female Elite:                       

Fastest Team (Normal Climbers):                        

Highest Fundraising Individual (overall):             

Highest Fundraising Team (overall):                   

Emergency Services Challenge Fastest Team:   

Emergency Services Challenge Fastest Individual:

(please note that due to BA's being suggested but not a mandatory component of the FULL KIT category we can't award timed prizes in this category.  Why? We will not know who is at an advantage by not wearing BA's.)

Age Group Fastest Individuals (male and female): 12-18yrs, 19-29yrs, 30-39yrs, 40-49yrs, 50+

Best Dressed Individual:                   

Best Dressed Team:                        

If your organisation would like to donate a prize we'd love to hear from you! Contact us here

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