There are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to being successful in fundraising for an event like Eureka Climb. We have three tips for you to help get your fundraising ticking along and you’ll find that it’s all in HOW you ask for a donation.

1. Be specific in the amount you’re requesting (e.g. $10). This takes the awkwardness away from those who really don’t know how much they should donate which often results in no donation.  Research has shown that this tactic raises on average 184% more than those who weren’t specific about the amount they required.

2. Get personal. Tell people why you are doing Eureka Climb (e.g. “Im doing this to start a new chapter in my life, to be healthy, to feel fit, and best of all by helping myself I can help others as this event raises money for two amazing charities in Whitelion and Interplast that really need support.”) People who get personal receive 121% more donations.

3. Put it in context. Eureka Climb supports two pretty amazing charities in Whitelion and Interplast, but not everyone has heard of them or knows the importance of what they do. By explaining how the amount you raise will help these charities, you can achieve a 74% better result than those who don’t give detail.

We’ve got all the information you need on how our charities can use the donations here:

But don’t just send them to the link, it will work better if you include the information in your email, text, FB post etc.

It’s time to test it out

Now you know the tricks of the trade, it’s time to give it a go and see how your fundraising tally improves.

To find your fundraising page to share with others, search for your surname when you click here.