Thanks to Red Rock Venues and Events we have some great vouchers to give away and who better to give them to than our fundraisers!

Here how it works:

We are rewarding the person that can raise the most money in a 24 hour period on the following dates with the following prizes.

You may have already started fundraising (that’s awesome by the way) but we’re awarding the prize(s) to the amount(s) raised within the 24 hour period, so the race is on for 24 hours to see how much you can get…

  • Friday 21 Oct: $50 Hophouse Bier Bar Grill voucher (winner announced: Glenn Tippett)
  • Friday 28 Oct: $50 Bear Brass voucher (winner announced: Maria Pia Piemontese)
  • Friday 4 Nov: $50 Ludlow Bar & Dining Room voucher (winner announced: Ari Same)

Winner announced on the following Monday.

Good luck and remember even if you don’t win the charities you are supporting still appreciate all your effort and involvement in Eureka Climb

Read more on where your money goes here.